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Lace Wigs By Scalpperfection

  Hey there, hope everyone had a great weekend. I haven’t been on here for a while. Both me and my son have been sick and you know life just happens sometimes so I have been focusing on other things. I am back now and I have a lot in store for you guys so…

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Last week was the launching of new hot Norway based clothing brand called KINAM. KINAM is a brand for people who love to stand out and express their uniqueness through clothing. The colorful collection in African wax print designs are everything . Check it out on the new web shop here and stay posted for more…
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  I posted this picture a while ago and a lot of you have been asking about this dope cheetahprint sweater. It is from Junkyard They have cool street fashion clothing and you can always find good discounts. This sweater is actually on sale right now! Get yours Here   #adlinks

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    Hey guys, hope you have had a good week this far and a great start on the new month. I am pretty sure that most of us know the struggle of finding that perfect foundation, and for some, the struggle is to even find a foundation at all. A common problem for us…

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    I found this picture on Instagram and I just had to repost it. I love how Black beauty is taking more place in the media worldwide these last couple of years. Black beauty everywhere. As a black woman that grew up in Sweden,  I barely saw people in the Swedish media that I…

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