April 5, 2017 0 By antasamba



Hey guys, hope you have had a good week this far and a great start on the new month.

I am pretty sure that most of us know the struggle of finding that perfect foundation, and for some, the struggle is to even find a foundation at all.

A common problem for us with darker skin is that a lot of times when we are out looking for a foundation we end up  disappointed because the darkest shade in the store is often like five shades lighter than our skin tone.

In the last couple of years we have been seeing some change and many of the big makeup brands are adding more colors to their sortiment and we are also seeing completely new brands that specializes in makeup for darker skin tones. Don’t we just love it?

Anyways, today Im going to give you guys some tips on good foundations that not only have a range of different shades but they can also be purchased in Scandinavia.


Fresh Nude Foundation – The Body Shop

This is a foundation with light coverage that is so smooth on the skin

and it really does give you that fresh nude feel, almost like you are not wearing any.

Perfect for a “no makeup- makeup look”

Ultra HD Foundation – Makeup Forever 

Is a foundation with a formula to match all skin types. It has medium coverage that

is easily built up to full coverage if that is the look you are going for.

This foundation can be purchased at Visage Makeup Store if you are in Oslo and at Sephora in the rest of Scandinavia.


Protective Liquid Foundation – Glo minerals

Is a nurtouring liquid mineral foundation that gives a smooth satin finish. The coverage is medium to full but feels very light on the skin. You can get this foundation with either satin or matte finish.


Le Teint Tarou – Maréna Beauté

A creamy compact foundation that evens out and corrects your complexion. It is for all skin types, easy to build

and gives you a fresh natural satin finish. This foundation can also be bought at Visage Makeup Store Oslo or

on their website.